Visiting Oxford Vintage Kilo Sales: A Complete Guide

Heard of a kilo sale? It’s basically thrift shopping gone mad.

Thousands of vintage second-hand garments are packed into venues across the UK, with shoppers purchasing tickets to enter. Once you’re in, you can purchase a kilogram of any items for just £20 – a bargain if you pick out the designer brands.

Shop Kilo run sales in 45 UK cities, with Oxford vintage kilo sale being one of the most popular events. I’ve had the pleasure of shopping for the event in February 2022 and have compiled a guide containing everything you need to know before visiting. Enjoy! 

Who runs the Oxford vintage kilo sale?

That would be Shop Kilo, a sustainable-loving company recycling vintage clothes since 2006. As mentioned, Shop Kilo has pop-up shopping events in 45 UK cities. 

The store also has an online section. When ordering online, standard UK shipping costs £4.50 or is free over orders of £50 – so don’t rule out a digital shopping spree. 

What to expect at the Oxford vintage kilo sale?

The Oxford vintage kilo sale is an amazing UK shopping event. This image shows coloured clothing on black rails.
Clothing rails via Unsplash.

Entrance is extremely straightforward. You are emailed your ticket and QR code after booking, so the door staff just scan and wave you on in. I didn’t even have to queue, and the process is definitely efficient.

The Oxford Town Hall is an impressive shopping backdrop, with chandeliers and a floor-to-ceiling sized organ on the far wall. The clothes are hung on lines of clothing rails or sprawled across large tables, with shoppers milling around examining items and chatting with friends. 

I’d say the ratio of clothes leans more towards male and gender-neutral than female. So, keep an open mind, female shoppers! However, there is a strong range of clothes and styles – including huge fluffy coats, 90s branded t-shirts, and coloured tracksuits that would turn Eminem’s head in an instant. 

There aren’t any changing rooms, but most people openly tried on potential buys over their clothes. It reminded me of shopping at Leeds Festival a bit, just without the mud and wellies! 

Once you’ve picked your goods, you queue for the checkout table. Here, the staff weigh your items in big bowls on weighing scales and calculate your price.

What do I get for £20 a kilo?

It can be tough to picture what a kilo will actually get you.

For reference, I bought two t-shirts, one sweatshirt, one three-quarter neck jumper, and a pair of trousers for £23 – just over a kilo. The idea is that for £20, you should be able to purchase a full outfit. Of course, it’s easy to go overboard!

Roughly, you should be able to purchase four to five t-shirts in a kilo. You can purchase as much or as little as you want, though, and equivalent rates are signposted around the venue.

What to bring to Oxford vintage kilo sale?

The Oxford vintage kilo sale is one of the best shopping experiences. This image shows a woman carrying shopping bags.
A woman carrying shopping bags via Unsplash.

A large bag! Some items (especially the coats) are too bulky for a handbag or carrier bag. Make sure you bring a large enough bag to save you struggling to carry items around while you shop. 

In warmer weather, a bottle of water is a good idea. The sales can get quite busy, and shopping can be thirsty work. 

Why visit Oxford vintage kilo sale?

By visiting the Oxford vintage kilo sale, you are an environmentally conscious consumer! Purchasing second-hand clothing massively reduces landfills and is a more sustainable way to shop. 

Of course, kilo sales are also great for spotting deals. So, if you’re living on a budget or looking for upcycle projects, the Oxford vintage kilo sale is the place to go. While platforms like Depop price vintage items individually, you benefit from prices chosen by weight at kilo sales. This means no paying through the ceiling for a branded item you like!

When are the Oxford vintage kilo sales?

Shop Kilo regularly runs Oxford vintage kilo sales. You shouldn’t have to wait long, as events tend to run every two months.

Events are rotated across all 45 cities, usually releasing dates a month or two months in advance. So, check the Shop Kilo events page to track upcoming Oxford vintage kilo sales. If you don’t want to wait, you can always visit the nearby London kilo sales or shop online.

How expensive are tickets to the Oxford vintage kilo sale?

Oxford vintage kilo sale is super cheap to enter. This image shows a woman taking a ten pound note from a brown wallet.
A wallet via Unsplash.

The short answer is cheap! I paid £4.50 (including a 50p processing fee) for early bird entry to the sale. However, general admission is even cheaper – costing just £2.50 with the processing fee. 

Sustainability comes in many forms, and the cheap entrance fees keep the kilo sales accessible for most people. I don’t usually rave about companies, but Shop Kilo is clearly true to their values.

The verdict: is the Oxford vintage kilo sale worth visiting?

Yes. The Oxford vintage kilo sale is definitely worth visiting. 

Be prepared to rummage through many frogs before finding your clothing Prince. But that’s all part of the fun! Thrift shopping is a rewarding way to spend a morning and giggle amongst friends. 

Shop Kilo runs events in Leeds, Nottingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, and Glasgow, to name a few. So don’t panic if your time in Oxford doesn’t align with a sale. Been to the Oxford vintage kilo sale before? Feel free to drop any extra tips for first-time visitors in the comments below. 

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