Things to do in Egham: An emergency entertainment guide

Bored in Egham? Well, consider this guide your knight in shining armour. The small university town might not be known for endless attractions and constant buzz. Still, there are many things to do around Egham if you know where to look. After spending three years of finding things to do near Royal Holloway University, I’ve got the top fifteen tried-and-tested attractions for you.

Whether you want some things to do in Egham itself or don’t mind hopping on a train for some nearby entertainment, this guide will cover all the best things to do when living or visiting Egham. Let’s get started.


1. Take a walk in Great Windsor Park

Distance from Egham: 40 minutes
How to get there: Take the 440 or 441 bus, then walk

Great Windsor Park is a 4,800-acre estate managed by The Crown, and visiting is one of the best outdoor things to do near Egham, especially on a sunny day. The estate is easily explored on a series of walking trails, bike paths, and horse-riding tracks. And you should definitely visit the Roman Ruins, Cascade Waterfall, Virginia Water lake, polo fields, and the Rose Garden.

If you are a student, it is heavenly studying outside if it’s warm. Bring a blanket to sit on and plenty of snacks. A few cafes are scattered across the park and a van called Coffee In The Park that makes yummy chai tea lattes. Better yet, Great Windsor Park is completely free to enter. So you can definitely afford to treat yourself to a caffeine fix.

2. Go on an Egham pub crawl

Distance from Egham: 0 minutes
How to get there: Start at The Barley Mow and finish at The White Lion

Egham might not be fantastic for nightclubs, but its pubs rival even the liveliest little town. An Egham pub crawl is one of the most cool things to do in Egham, and there are ten to tick off (eleven if you detour to the Foresters Arms). Want to make it even more entertaining? Dress up in fancy dress. Who knows, maybe it will start a movement like the Otley Run in Leeds.

Here is a rough pub crawl itinerary, including the Foresters Arms detour:

  1. The Barlew Mow
  2. The Holly Tree
  3. The Happy Man
  4. The Packhorse
  5. The Beehive
  6. The Kings Arms
  7. Foresters Arms
  8. Crown Egham (which has a pub quiz night if you are still sober enough)
  9. The Red Lion
  10. Bar 163
  11. The White Lion


3. Visit Windsor Castle

Distance from Egham: 30 minutes
How to get there: The number 8 bus

Ready for an impressive title? Windsor Castle is the world’s oldest and largest occupied castle. You might also recognise it as being home to the late Queen Elizabeth, and it was broadcasted at Her Majesty’s funeral. Prior to our living memory, though, the castle was founded by William the Conqueror in the 11th century and has since been called home by 39 different monarchs. It was a favourite weekend spot for Queen Elizabeth, and she loved going horse riding around the estate.

You can tour the castle and its grounds for a historical day out. It is a little pricey at around £30 per adult, but young adults (aged 18-24) get a discount and pay just less than £20. It isn’t often that you get to walk in the footsteps of royalty, though, so I vote that it is worth it.

4. Explore the site of the sealing of the Magna Carta

Distance from Egham: 30 mins on bus or foot
How to get there: Take the 8 bus or walk

Talking of history, did you know that you are staying less than an hour’s walk away from where the Magna Carta was signed in 1215? The site is marked by a massive riverside memorial. You’ll find a large pavilion containing a memorial plaque and a special memorial with 12 metal chairs spaced in a table shape.

When you have appreciated the site and snapped some photos, I’d recommend dropping into the tearooms for a drink and a bite to eat. Otherwise, just embrace the fact that the Magna Carta memorial site is free and keep it as one of the cost-free things to do in Egham.

5. Go riding at Tally Ho Stables

Distance from Egham: 30 minutes
How to get there: Take the number 8 bus, then walk

Tally Ho Stables is on the other side of Englefield Green and is one of the best things to do near Egham if you like horse riding. You may wish to book a riding lesson in the school to brush up on your skills.

However, if you want an adventure, book a hack instead. Tally Ho Stables takes visitors out on hacks through Windsor Great Park (an excellent way to combine the two). Experienced riders can pick up the pace a little for some exhilarating canters and gallops. If you are lucky, you might also spot wild deer.

6. Spend a morning at Coral Reef Bracknell’s Waterworld

Distance from Egham: 30 minutes
How to get there: A train to Martins Heron, then a five-minute Uber

Winters and wet days can be really miserable, especially when you are stuck for things to do in Egham. Coral Reef Bracknell’s Waterworld is a great indoor place to visit and spend a few hours, and the waterpark is lots of fun.

If you want things to do with kids in Egham, there are lots of kid-friendly water rides and slides at Coral Reef. However, the waterpark is also fantastic for adults, with larger slides, a rapid section, and even an adults-only spa section. The adults-only section has a sauna, spa, and steam room – perfect for warming up and relaxing. Coral Reef could be an ideal self-care or let-your-hair-down day; the choice is yours.

7. Challenge yourself at the Puzzalogical Escape Rooms

Distance from Egham: 30 minutes
How to get there: Take the train to Bracknell and then walk

If you haven’t done an escape room before, you really need to. It is pretty self-explanatory. You get locked in a room for sixty minutes and have to pass a series of puzzles to escape. Puzzalogical Escape Rooms is one of the closest options, and allows you to have between two and six players. It is one of the best things to do near Egham if you are looking for a fun group activity.

Puzzalogical Escape Rooms have a range of options, including an Egyptian-themed Pharaoh’s Mystery and even a virtual reality escape room. Each room has different difficulty ratings, so you can find one that is easier or you really push yourself with the trickiest room.

8. Visit the Crystal Grotto in Painshill Park

Distance from Egham: 30 minutes
How to get there: Take the train to Weybridge, then a fifteen-minute Uber

Crystal Grotto is a manmade cave covered in sparkling crystals. It is easily one of the most unusual things to do near Egham. You can access the cave by purchasing entry into Painshill Park, which is lovely to explore. The cave is quite Gaudi-like, and you should definitely bring a camera.

While visiting Painshill Park, stop by its other attractions as well. The Ruined Abbey, Water Wheel, Turkish Tent, and the Hermitage are worth visiting as you tour the park.


Distance from Egham: 50 minutes
How to get there: Take the number 8 bus, then switch to the number 703 greenline

Who didn’t dream of going to LEGOLAND as a kid? Or maybe you went and absolutely loved it? Either way, visiting LEGOLAND is a brilliant way to unleash your inner child and embrace a bit of nostalgia. The family theme park is spread over 150 acres and has hundreds of thrill rides. Test your nerves.

You can stay overnight at LEGOLAND Windsor Resort or purchase a day ticket for as little as £32 if you book in advance online. It is a surprisingly reasonably priced activity near Egham. It is guaranteed to give you a day of laughs with mates.

10. Visit Mercedes-Benz World

Distance from Egham: 40 minutes
How to get there: Get the train to Weybridge and then walk

Mercedes-Benz World is obviously one for car lovers. The museum is split over three floors, with informative displays on the history of Mercedes-Benz and some of its earliest, most historical models. And for some extra fun, you can also book a driving experience on the museum’s on-site racetrack or off-roading course. You’ll get to navigate the courses and experience driving a Mercedes-Benz for yourself. Or, if you don’t have a license, you can opt for a passenger experience.

The driving experience costs £200 per hour for both track and off-road driving. However, Mercedes-Benz World is a completely free day out, with free parking and entry. You can choose how much you want to splurge, and if you stick to the free day out, just watch others drive on the tracks.

11. Discover Henry VIII’s old house

Distance from Egham: 1 hour and 5 minutes
How to get there: Catch the train to Hounslow and then the 111 bus

Hampton Court Palace is a former Tudor Court and was once home to Henry VIII and his many wives. For those that can’t remember, Henry VIII was the one who frequently had his wives murdered, usually when they didn’t provide him with a son. He also invented the Church of England – purely so he could divorce wives that he didn’t like. At school, we were taught the rhyme ‘divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived’ to help us remember the fate of all of Henry’s wives. And, at Hampton Court Palace, you can explore the rooms where all of this drama and tragedy broke out.

Tickets cost around £20, which is fairly reasonable, all things considered. Hampton Court Palace has stunning gardens with a famous maze, too, so leave time to explore outside once you’ve toured inside the palace.

12. Spend a sunny day at Kew Gardens

Distance from Egham: 1 hour
How to get there: Take the train to Richmond and then walk

Kew Gardens holds the rather impressive title of London’s largest UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is more famously referred to as London’s Royal Botanic Gardens. It is a mecca of greenhouses, treetop walkways, and daintily maintained English gardens. You can wander the trails around the grounds or stay indoors – making Kew Gardens a good choice of things to do near Egham on an overcast day.

Tickets cost £15 during peak season (February to October) and £11 during off-peak season (November to January). However, these ticket prices only stand if you book in advance, and prices rise if you don’t book online before arriving. It is a little expensive, but you can easily spend half a day at Kew Gardens, so it is fairly good value for money.

13. Spot the deer at Richmond Park

Distance from Egham: 50 minutes
How to get there: Take the train to Richmond and then walk

Richmond Park is a massive walled park that was once a 17th-century hunting ground. Nowadays, its herd of wild deer live in complete peace – except for the throngs of visitors that come to snap pictures of them. The Richmond deer pretty much have their own fan club, and people travel from all over London to see them.

You can walk through the park and admire the grasslands and ancient woodland. You are essentially guaranteed a deer sighting, too, since there are hundreds of deer in the enclosed area. Just be respectful by giving them space and keeping the volume to a minimum when you do.

14. Pick up a new skill at Alpine Snowsports Aldershot

Distance from Egham: 1 hour 20 minutes
How to get there: Take the train to Aldershot, switching trains at Ascot, then walk 25 minutes

Alpine Snowsports Aldershot is one of the furthest things to do around Egham. But is it worth the extra travel time? Absolutely. The snowsports centre is an all-year, all-weather haven for adrenaline and sports lovers, with a collection of dry slopes for you to practise on.

You could ski or snowboard down the slopes, renting equipment when you arrive. Or, if you want a laugh without having to invest too much effort, try the donutting option, where you slide down in a massive donut ring.

You can book a group or private lesson if you want to learn skiing or snowboarding. This is easily one of the most fun, exhilarating things to do near Egham. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even book a ski holiday after a few sessions.

15. Go shopping in Staines-Upon-Thames

Distance from Egham: 5 minutes
How to get there: Catch the train 5 minutes or walk in 35 minutes

Going shopping in Staines-Upon-Thames is a fantastic mini-day trip from Egham, and you won’t need to carry your shopping bags far. Staines is packed with shops from Primark to Matalan and Argos, so whatever you want to treat yourself to, you’ll probably find it in Staines.

There are also two huge indoor shopping centres, Elmsleigh Shopping Centre and Two Rivers Shopping Centre. Visiting these shopping centres is one of the best things to do near Egham on a rainy day, and you could easily spend over half a day shopping there. You’ll find all the major high street stores under one roof, perfect for not dashing between shops to stay dry.

And once you’ve done all these things, head into London!

London Waterloo is just an hour away from Egham on the train, so hop on the South Western Railway and explore all the capital has to offer. There are endless things to do in London – whatever your budget. You can check out my guide on the best things to do in London for students here and things to do alone in London.

Visiting and Living in Egham FAQs

Now that we’ve covered all the best things to do in Egham, let’s take a look at some essential details. These are the most commonly asked questions about visiting and living in Egham.

Where is Egham?

Egham is a small town west of London, situated in Surrey. It is located just fifteen minutes by car away from Windsor, which is home to the royal residence Windsor Castle.

Is Egham a nice place to live?

Egham is a very quiet, safe place to live. While some may find it boring, the excellent train connections to London mean you can always venture into the capital on a dull day.

Is Egham safe?

Yes, Egham is very safe. Egham is a university town so has a friendly, busy atmosphere. Just take care walking alone at night and exercise general safety precautions.

Is Egham in London?

Egham is just outside of London, in Surrey. You can reach London by train in fifty minutes.

Egham might be a quiet little town, but as you can see, there are plenty of things to do in Egham. Don’t forget to visit some local restaurants and cafes, too, as Egham has an impressively diverse food scene for such a small place. And, if you are a new student panicking as you try to find things to do near Royal Holloway University, hopefully you’ve filled up your calendar now. 

Have you visited Egham before? What things to do in Egham and its surrounding areas would you recommend to others? Drop your suggestions in the comments below.

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