Where to Watch Sunset: Isle of Wight Sunset Spots

There is nothing quite like an Isle of Wight sunset. The island is full of beautiful places to catch the sky turning orange – whether you want Brook Chine Beach to yourself or a glass of wine on the terrace at The Lifeboat. When planning a sunset, Isle of Wight viewpoints and attractions are ridiculously picturesque.

Where to watch sunset on the Isle of Wight is a fantastic question. In this guide, we’ve narrowed it down to the seven best places for sunset on the Isle of Wight. Check out which spots made the cut.

1. Brook Chine

Address: Newport, PO30 4HA

Why visit: Beach sunset experience

Brook Chine is beautiful – there’s no denying that. For those unsure of what a ‘chine’ actually is, imagine a small cut in a cliff face. A chine is a coastal gully that has been eroded for thousands of years. And Brook Chine drops 30 feet in a stunning geographical feature. By nature of its location, it is combined with a beach visit, and Brook Chine Beach is a wonderful place to sit and watch the sunset.

Experiencing an Isle of Wight sunset at Brook Chine is perfect for a beach sunset with a twist. Pack a picnic blanket and some hot drinks in Thermo mugs if you want to get creative. The geographical feature is a special element that adds a bit of bucket-worthy-ness to this sunset destination. To visit, simply park at Brook Chine National Trust Car Park. As of 2023, Brook Chine National Trust Car Park costs £2 per hour or £4 for 4 hours.

2. Hanover Point

Address: Military Road, Newport, PO30 4HB

Why visit: Beach sunset experience with dinosaur footprints

Spotting Hanover Point dinosaur footprints at sunset is definitely a novelty experience on the Isle of Wight. This Isle of Wight sunset destination is delightful – especially if you have young children.

Hanover Point is a beautiful area on the southwest coast of the island. It encompasses a grassy headland, beach, and Hanover Point National Trust Car Park. The grassy headland is the perfect spot to curl up with a blanket to catch a peaceful sunset. However, for added adventure, sculking along the beach below is where you’ll find the Hanover Point dinosaur footprints. And if you are lucky, maybe even a fossil or two.

3. The Needles Viewpoint

Address: Needles PO39 0JH

Why visit: Classic Needles coastal landmark

The Needles are the postcard child of the Isle of Wight. Chances are you’ve seen them already – be it on a glossy piece of paper or in person if you’ve been on the island a few days. However, the Needles aren’t just a place to visit during the day. The landmark is also one of the best sunset spots on the Isle of Wight. While the Battery closes before sunset, you can head to the Needles Viewpoint, which remains open 24/7. So, grab some warm clothes and a camera, and get ready to see the Needles in (quite literally) a different light.

4. Fort Victoria Country Park

Address: Fort Victoria, Westhill Lane, Yarmouth, PO41 0RR

Why visit: An old pier and fortress ruins

Fort Victoria Country Park is at the opposite end of the spectrum to the Needles. Fort Victoria is better known among locals, and you’ll find it almost empty in off-peak seasons. The park is set along the coastline with a rickety old pier that becomes seriously atmospheric at sunset. Fort Victoria also has old fortress ruins if you fancy an adventurous detour.

Fort Victoria is the best place for sunset on the Isle of Wight if you want history and a slightly spooky atmosphere. It is located on the island’s west side, near the major town of Yarmouth.

5. The Waterfront Bar & Restaurant

Address: The Beach, Madeira Road, Totland Bay, PO39 0BQ

Why visit: Wine and dine with sunset and beach views

The Waterfront Bar & Restaurant is on the quiet coastline of Totland, which only really comes alive in the Isle of Wight holiday season. Because it relies on tourism, the Waterfront Bar & Restaurant does close at certain times of the year. But if you strike gold and find it open, it is a must-visit to appreciate a beautiful Isle of Wight sunset. The restaurant has huge windows that run along the coastal side of the building, with window tables looking directly over the beach and ocean.

The best part about a sunset at the Waterfront Bar & Restaurant is that you can enjoy it inside – nice and warm and tucking into delicious food and drink. If you don’t want to brave the cold, it is the best place for sunset on the Isle of Wight. And besides, you can easily pop outside for a walk on the beach after.

6. Bembridge Windmill

Address: High Street, Bembridge PO35 5SQ

Why visit: A historical wind-powered mill dating back to 1700 with beautiful sunset views

Bembridge Windmill is one of the most unique spots to enjoy an Isle of Wight sunset. The 18th-century windmill is a historical landmark and actually the only windmill left on the entire island. During the day, it offers tours through its four floors, and visitors can get close to its original machinery. At 5 pm, it closes and quickly empties. However, if you are in the know, you can still head to Bembridge Windmill to admire its exterior at sunset. It is one of the best sunset spots on the Isle of Wight – especially for budding photographers. The shape of the colossal wooden windmill is stunning against an orange sky, and it is a beautiful way to appreciate the island’s heritage.

7. The Lifeboat

Address: Britannia Way, East Cowes, PO32 6UB

Why visit: Terrace views over the marina at sunset

The Lifeboat is different from our other Isle of Wight viewpoints. This pub is not hidden away in a quiet coastal spot and is definitely not scenic heritage architecture. Instead, the Lifeboat is the best place for sunset on the Isle of Wight if you want an urban experience. The pub is in the middle of East Cowes, overlooking the busy marina. Lively and perfect for socialising, it offers delicious seafood and, most importantly, a terrace for watching the sunset.

At the Lifeboat, you can watch an Isle of Wight sunset sink over the East Cowes Marina. The terrace has plenty of outdoor seating; you can enjoy food and drinks outside. If you bring some warm clothing, it is a beautiful place to sit and watch the sun go down. It is really romantic to see the little boats bobbing up and down as dusk falls.

8. St Boniface Down

Address: Wroxall, Ventnor, PO38 1PR

Why visit: Highest point on the Isle of Wight

Where better to experience an Isle of Wight sunset than the highest point on the island? St Boniface Down is a chalk down standing 241 metres in height, accessible on foot off Down Lane. You can easily reach the summit by driving from Ventor, and it is free to visit – making it a budget-friendly sunset spot on the Isle of Wight. If you are staying on the island’s south coast and want a last-minute sunset spot, it is somewhere you can reach quickly and still get spectacular views.

St Boniface Down has some historical significance, too, as it was believed to have been the preaching spot of Saint Boniface in the 8th century. You can find all sorts of sites linked to Boniface around the summit, including a wishing well.

To Conclude

These best sunset spots on the Isle of Wight are all worth an hour or two of your evening. Whether you want something romantic, photogenic, or just fun to do with your family, these sunset spots will reveal a different side of the island. An Isle of Wight sunset is not to be missed.

Would you prefer a sunset activity over these Isle of Wight viewpoints? Then consider a sunset cruise. The Salamander Sailing Adventure offers a sunset cruise around the Isle of Wight with tapas and cocktails. Pretty dreamy, right?

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