Is Brighton Safe? The Ultimate Brighton Safety Guide 2023

People of all ages living in and visiting Brighton will be reassured that Brighton is a very safe city. Brighton brings a level of brightness (no pun intended), which can mainly be found when you spend time around its pier and beachfront. Statistics from a national survey have shown that in 2018, Brighton was the third safest city in the UK.

There will still be tourists and residents wondering if this LGBTQ+ city is safe to visit, even after hearing these positive statistics. And if you have seen some negative statistics recently, it is natural that you are wondering “how safe is Brighton in 2023?”. Therefore, this guide will cover how truly safe Brighton is and whether any unsafe aspects need to be considered.

Is Brighton safe?

After spending time in this city, I never experienced anything terrible happening to myself and others around me. No pickpockets hanging around on street corners, no drivers being unsafe on the road, and no fights breaking out randomly in the streets.

While in 2018 Brighton was considered one of the safest cities in the UK, recent data from CrimeRate states that it was the most dangerous city in East Sussex and the 25th most dangerous city in the UK. December 2022, for example, saw the data for criminal damage rise to a rate marked as the worst in East Sussex.

However, the worst crime in Brighton committed throughout 2022 was violence and sexual offences, which had an overall rating of 38 per 1000 people. While these statistics can be concerning for some, the key thing to remember is that it’s doubtful that you will fall victim to any of these crimes. Precautions, however, such as keeping your wits about you and being surrounded by people you trust, are something I would recommend. You can also invest in extra safety measures like personal alarms which act as a crime deterrent in case of emergencies.

Is Brighton safe to live?

Those living in Brighton expect to live peacefully by the seaside, away from being burgled. However, the CrimeRate statistics of 2022 state that Brighton was the worst area in East Sussex to experience burglaries, which witnessed 83 burglaries at a rate of 0.34 per 1,000 residents. With these statistics noted, it will be wise to consider installing a good burglar alarm and a doorbell equipped with a camera.

While there are these statistics to think about, living in Brighton will mean you become a part of the ever-delightful LGBTQ+ community of Brighton. This will be especially handy if you consider yourself a vital member of this community. If you were to live here, you would feel like you are not alone, especially if you have made many friends here that help make your life much more exciting and safe.

I certainly saw this when I stayed at the LGBTQ+-friendly Legends Hotel. This featured one of the UK’s most famous gay venues, The Basement Club. Everyone here looked like they were having the time of their lives, and this was when I truly felt safe knowing nothing wrong would happen here.

Is Brighton safe at night?

If walking along Brighton’s pier in the evening, you will be very safe as hundreds of people will want to spend time with their families and spouses as they stroll along this pier and use the amusements.

With the final part of this pier closing, its latest closing time being on a Saturday at 10 pm, there will be those who want to stroll along the seafront and make the most of their night out. Of course, it can be pretty daunting if you’re alone, but if you are with people you know, you will enjoy your experience more.

Since the summer of 2022, ‘night marshals’ began being deployed to help vulnerable people on a night out. So if you ever feel unsafe when out during the early hours, these marshals will help you return to where you live or stay. They will also watch for those who think they can get away with sexual harassment during these early hours. With these helpers on the streets, your night out in Brighton has undoubtedly become much safer.

Areas to avoid in Brighton

A 2022 article from Sussex Live once showed their readers the top 10 most dangerous areas in Sussex. The number one place recommended to be avoided in Brighton, known as North Laine and The Lanes, experienced high crime rates relating to violence & sexual offences, shoplifting and drug offences.

Another Brighton area that made this top 10 list was St James’s Street & Queen’s Park. This area saw its highest crime rate relating to violence and sexual offences, meaning it is another area which you will need to have your wits about you if wandering through it.

On the plus side, these were the only two Brighton areas in Sussex which have been classed as the most dangerous, meaning there aren’t many other areas in Brighton that you need to avoid.

Is Brighton Beach safe to swim in?

Brighton Beach during the summer can get very busy, and so many people will want to go for a quick dip or swim several lengths. But, tempting as it may be to dive straight in, it’s equally important to think about your swimming abilities, the time of day you go for a swim and how high the tide is.

The waves crashing into Brighton Beach can be dangerous if multiple winds come from several directions. Also, if the tide is high, it will be challenging to wade yourself into the water and wade out of it again.

If you are swimming in Brighton Beach in what’s known as the ‘Lifeguard Season’, lifeguards will be on duty to add that safer touch to your swimming experience. They will set up the red and yellow flags that mark the zone where you can swim safely. Outside of this season, your health and safety while in the water is down to you and others around you.

Wetsuits are an excellent piece of equipment to consider wearing to avoid you getting a shock from how cold the water at Brighton Beach will be. If you are concerned about sea swimming and your health, it will be worth checking up with your GP to determine if your health will affect your swimming ability in Brighton Beach.

In conclusion: Is Brighton dangerous?

Having visited Brighton for the first time in January 2023, I can honestly say I felt safe exploring certain parts of this city alone. I also felt safe at night, seeing as I went out to some of Brighton’s best bars and clubs with friends, meaning I wasn’t easy to have been targeted by pickpockets.

Even though some daunting statistics have been produced in the past year, highlighting how dangerous a few areas in Brighton can be, I would still recommend it as a place to visit if you are travelling solo and fancy visiting somewhere new and lively. So go and visit Brighton and enjoy your exciting and safe exploration of this city.

By Louie Amos

Louie Amos is a freelance travel writer currently operating in the UK. Having achieved his BCJ Diploma in Travel Journalism, he regularly posts articles on his website The Travelling Foodie, as well as Everything UK Travel

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