Waterfalls in Devon: 10 Best Waterfalls in Devon

Devon, England’s third largest county, offers bundles of beautiful hotspots to anyone looking for a reviving nature getaway. In this article, you will find everything you need to know about 10 of the best waterfalls in Devon, including where they are and how to find them.

Devon is on the ecologically diverse peninsula of the UK’s southwest. It straddles two separate coastlines, the north with its surfing and high cliffs and the south with its resorts and sandy beaches. Devon has some of the most picturesque destinations in the UK, and keep reading for some of its waterfall highlights.

1. Speke’s Mill Mouth Waterfall

Speke’s Mill Mouth Waterfall is a cliffy wildflower coastal waterfall in Devon. It plunges over a cliff from 40m up. You can appreciate it from the grassy plateau or sandy beach below—Park at Hartland Quay. From here, it’s a semi-challenging 2-mile trek south with signage to guide you on your walk to the fall. Bring your leashed pets and favourite people to enjoy the spectacular views.

2. Clovelly Beach Waterfall

Clovelly is a stunning waterfall in North Devon, and another one of the waterfalls in Devon that just so happen to be on the beach. You will pay £8.50 for parking and visitor fees, but it is worth it. It is also possible to get around the fees by parking 25 minutes worth of walking away at Clovelly village hall.

Walk through the village and out of the harbour, and turn east (right). Make your way across the pebbled beach, and you will come to the waterfall. When the rains are light, so is the flow of the waterfall. This is when you can see the cave on the cliffside.

Clovelly is a charming little seaside village where you can take in the beauty of the Bristol Channel as you find your way through the footpaths of the town toward the beach and one of the best waterfalls in Devon. Where you will discover seashell dawned cottages, tea rooms, and quaint cafes to eat.

3. White Lady Waterfall at National Trust – Lydford Gorge

White Lady is 30 metres high and flows right into the River Lyd. Trekking from the car park is quite the lush green treat in Lydford Gorge, the deepest river gorge in the South West of England, where one of the best waterfalls in Devon flows. Other falls in this area include Kitts Steps, Black Rock Falls, and Doe Tor Falls.

The falls are wheelchair accessible thanks to The Tramper. It costs 10.00 for adults and 5.00 for children. Parking is free.

4. Hollow Brook

For less travelled waterfalls in Devon, we have Hollow Brook Falls, a beautiful tumbling series of drops near Devon’s beautiful coast, making for a unique escape for the day. The area is lush, green, and flowery in the warm weather. 

Parking close to Martinhoe or Valley of The Rocks are both possible. With Valley of The Rocks car park being over 1.5 hour walk one way, the decision is a personal preference. 

5. Becky Falls Ancient Woodland Park

Bring the family to enjoy the cafe and petting zoo at this Devon waterfall. Becky Falls is in Dartmoor, and its multiple trails boast beautiful scenery and a little something for everyone. Although Becky Falls are the main attraction, other smaller falls are also present.

It is £9.75 for adults, £8.75 for children, and booking in advance is recommended. Becky Falls is 45 minutes from Plymouth by car and a 10-minute ride from the A38 expressway.

6. Canonteign Falls

Bring your camera because these forested waterfalls in Devon make for a sight to be seen. At 70m(220ft), Canonteign is the highest waterfall in Devon. With guided historical tours on Thursday and Sunday, green ferns spread throughout, and zip wire all open seven days week, this secret wonderland is waiting to be discovered.

Open March-November from 10 am-4 pm. For park ticket prices, car park, and booking information can be found here. Guided tours are £15.50. 

7. Bucks Mills

Take an adventure to find more waterfalls in Devon that happen to be set in a novelty beach setting. Buck Mills Falls is easily reached if you walk from the Clovelly Beach waterfall. Or park at Bucks Mill for free and walk 10 minutes to the village.

Continue through the tiny village with cute thatched cottages. Make your way down a steep path to the beach, where you can enjoy the pebbled beach and waterfall against the ocean scenery. There are no cafes or pubs here, so make sure to bring snacks or a picnic and enjoy this less crowded Devon waterfall.

8. Shavercombe Falls

Shavercombe Falls is a lesser-known Devon waterfall worth exploring. A circular walking trail will lead you over the moor, past the historic Drizzlecomb standing stone and brooks to a mossy waterfall pouring into a small pool. 

From the village of Yelverton, drive to the Gutter Tor car park. This should take about 15 minutes. Located on an unnamed road, you will find the small dirt car park surrounded by nature. 

The walk takes about 1.5 hours, give or take, and does not have prominent signage. Click here for detailed information on exploring this waterfall and the area around it.

9. Tarr Steps Waterfall

In the woodlands of Exmoor National Park is the very old, manmade waterfall in Devon, the Tarsteps. 

With estimates of its origins dating back to 3000 years, the actual age of this low-lying bridge has yet to be discovered. When the rains are heavy, the water rises and creates a waterfall.

You can find the walk to the bridge West of Liscomb Village. There is a pay and display car park as well as a toilet.

10. Venford Falls

Some lesser-explored waterfalls in Devon are the Venford Falls in Dartmoor National Park. With the rock walls and trees covered in moss and ferns spread throughout, this waterfall is dreamy and picture-perfect. It is easily one of the best things to do in South Devon, especially if you like getting off the heavily tourist trodden trails.

A stroll from the Venford Reservoir car park, you can find the falls by following Venford Brook halfway toward River Dart. The footpath path is unmarked but still visible and worth the adventure. 

The waterfalls in Devon offer adventure and tranquility to anyone wishing to break away. From the popular highest falls in Devon, to the breathtaking falls beating on the sandy beach, to the not so easy to find waterfalls with a magical pool and babbling brook, get out and explore the world around you. Be inspired.

Looking for more inspiration for things to do in Devon? Check out Lundy Island, which is easily reached by boat (or helicopter in winter) and is located just off Devon’s coast. Either way, though, carve out plenty of time for all the waterfalls in Devon during your stay. Waterfall hopping is one of the most exciting Devon activities.

By Alexandra Renee

Alexandra Renee is a freelance writer and avid traveller who posts travel content on her website GBGG!. She can be reached on LinkedIn.

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