Is Nottingham Safe? An Ultimate 2023 Safety Guide

Nottingham is a popular East Midlands city known for its famous landmark, Nottingham Castle. Nottingham also boasts the UK’s largest network of over 800 subterranean caves that wind below the city streets. Not to be forgotten too is Robin Hood, the most iconic historical figure associated with the city; Hood is still one of the world’s best-loved folk heroes and is one of Nottinghamshire’s claim to fame.

But while Nottingham is a picturesque city that dotes exciting history, walks, and lots of things to do, how safe is Nottingham as a city? Nottingham is generally considered a safe city in the UK, especially compared to big cities such as London and Birmingham, however in the country of Nottinghamshire, it is the most dangerous major city in the county and in the top 10 most dangerous overall out of the 236 towns, villages, and cities in Nottinghamshire.

With this in mind, it is wise to question Nottingham’s safety, be aware of your surroundings, and take precautions while out and about and in your home. However, this guide will seek to understand how safe is Nottingham as a city and will answer any concerns about visiting or moving to the city. So. let’s find out. How safe is Nottingham?

Is Nottingham a Safe Place to Visit?

The overall crime rate in Nottingham is 125 crimes per 1000 people, making people question how safe Nottingham is. Nottingham has a 51% higher crime rate than the county of Nottinghamshire, which has a crime rate of 83 per 1000 residents. Nottingham had the worst crime rate in its county for bicycle theft in December 2022. The overall crime rate in Nottingham was 40% higher than East Midlands regional crime rate and 51% higher than the national crime rate. Anti-social behaviour seems to have one of the higher crime rates compared to other crimes such as drugs, criminal damage, and burglary, but violence and sexual offences sit at the highest crime rate with 47.18.

Nottingham is a quieter city, but plenty of people around will be alert to danger and be able to assist if needed. If you travel with a group, there are fewer problems than travelling alone. If you are alone in a quieter area of the city, make sure you stick to the main roads and have a personal safety alarm on you.

So, how safe is Nottingham? While the statistics above show that Nottingham is an unsafe city with a high crime rate, Nottingham is said to be a friendly and quiet city that isn’t known for being particularly unsafe, despite some national news reports of incidents that have happened in the city. However, it is worth remaining cautious and avoiding certain areas that may be more dangerous, such as the city centre if you’re going alone. Trent Bridge has the highest crime rate for its population in Nottinghamshire and is ranked in the top 35 most dangerous areas nationally. Remaining cautious will allow you to have a fun trip and enjoy the sights without worrying too much.

Is Nottingham a Safe Place to Live?

Over December 2022, Nottingham was Nottinghamshire’s most dangerous area for burglary, recording 158 crimes at a rate of 0.5 per 1000 residents. While the most common crime in Nottingham is violence and sexual offences, with 14907 offences during 2022, Nottingham’s least common crime is robbery, with only 523 offences recorded last year.

With this in mind, it is sensible to remain cautious and put precautions in place for burglary. Still, robbery seems to be something that isn’t to worry about. With a population of 331,297, Nottingham isn’t a huge city, but with a number of 125 crimes per 1000 people, it makes it a much more dangerous city to live in than a city like Bristol. So, is Nottingham a safe place to live?

Wallaton East and Lenton Abbey are considered one of the safest areas in the Nottingham City area, with 741 total crimes being recorded. Dunkirk and Lenton have one of the lower crime rates in Nottingham, too, with 1463 total crimes being recorded.

If it seems to you that Nottingham is a safe place to live and you decide to move there, the best advice is to research the city, look into the safest neighbourhoods and read up about which areas to avoid in Nottingham.

Is Nottingham Safe at Night?

So, how safe is Nottingham at night? With its Purple Flag status, Nottingham is considered a safe place to go out at night, especially for students. However, a report found that the number of people who feel safe at night in Nottingham has ‘deteriorated significantly’ over the year 2021-2022; only 56.8 per cent of people in 2022 felt safe at night.

Nottingham is a popular place to go on a night out, with its range of bars and restaurants, which are especially popular for students on a night out. Naturally, the popularity of the city centre breeds more drunken crimes and antisocial behavior. But, in general, there’s a big security presence between bouncers and police officers.

Like any major city, there is always a risk with going out at night. It is always best to stay in a group with your friends and not walk alone when it’s dark. Carrying a personal safety alarm, especially for women, is a sensible decision. At night, there are usually plenty of people around to make you feel safer. Overall, it is safe to visit Nottingham at night.

Is Nottingham safe for students?

Moving to a new place can make you feel anxious and overwhelmed, and as such, many new students and parents may be concerned about the safety of Nottingham, especially after the recent events in the city. It is important to remember that the tragic 2023 killings are an isolated incident in Nottingham.

Typically, Nottingham is a nice, quiet, safe place for students. It is ranked as the 6th best city in the UK for students. And with its Purple Flag status, held since 2010, it is widely recognised as a safe place to live or go for a night out despite its crime rates.

The University of Nottingham wants its students to feel safe and show that Nottingham is safe for students. The university has a dedicated page on its website for safety too. They say that the ‘University of Nottingham campuses are places where you can feel safe, and live in a comfortable environment where you can feel at home.’ They have security measures for students’ physical and material safety, and they highlight the importance of staying aware of your surroundings and potential risks.

Overall, the University of Nottingham campus is a safe place where the safety team is on hand to help students with any concerns, and the city as a whole isn’t unsafe for students in particular. Just take standard precautions.

Areas to avoid in Nottingham

People may wonder how safe Nottingham is to live in. It is important to know which areas to avoid in Nottingham so that you can remain cautious of what places to stay away from when visiting. If you have to visit these areas, you will know to take precautions.

As previously mentioned, Nottingham city centre and Trent Bridge have the highest crime rate in Nottinghamshire and are areas to avoid in Nottingham. Mansfield Town Centre and Broomhill had the next highest crime rate in Nottingham at 361 offences per 1000 residents. Workshop Cheapside, in Bassetaw, had the third highest crime rate, with 284 crimes per 1000 people, partly driven by the county’s highest burglary rates.

St Ann’s also has one of the highest crime rates in Nottingham’s City area, with 2293 total crimes being recorded, making St Ann’s one of the most dangerous areas to avoid in Nottingham. Bulwell also has one of the highest crime rates in a Nottingham suburb area, with 3395 total crimes being recorded. This makes it one of the most dangerous places in the outer city areas of Nottingham.

Conclusion: Is Nottingham Safe?

So, how safe is Nottingham? Nottingham has a high crime rate, 51% higher than the national average. There’s a lot of violence and sexual offences which means it would be wise to carry a personal alarm and take care at night.

However, Nottingham is worth visiting for its history and architecture – there are tons of things to do. With plenty of attractions to explore, you certainly won’t be bored there. Like any city, you should travel with others where possible and follow precautions at night. Keeping an eye out for anything suspicious will make you feel safer, too as well.

Nottingham is not a particularly rough place to live. It is a safe place to visit, so why not add it to your UK bucket list to explore when you find yourself in or near the East Midlands?

By Cara-Louise Scott

Cara-Louise Scott is a UoB graduate now living as a hotel waitress in London. She has a passion for writing about all things travel, food, and mental health. She will be studying her part-time NCTJ course in autumn to become a qualified journalist.


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