Best Torquay Walks: 10 Best Walks in Torquay

Torquay is a much-loved family favourite destination for British holidays, located in the heart of the English Riviera on the South Devon Coast. The seaside town boasts sandy beaches and cliff paths, family attractions, and a wide range of restaurants, hotels, and amusements. I stayed in Torquay with my partner a few summers ago in The Devonshire Hotel (which I would hugely recommend for a night or two’s stay in Torquay); during my time there, I was able to encounter many picturesque walks that left me in awe of the town. My partner has spent many holidays in Torquay throughout his life and, as such, has shown me the beauty of Torquay’s hidden paths, some of which are mentioned below.

Many of these walks are actually situated outside Torquay, but they are within a twenty-minute drive, offering you a chance to explore other places outside of Torquay that are just as beautiful. Plus, if you are staying just outside Torquay, you may find it useful to choose some different walks that can be found on foot and through transport. Places such as Teignmouth and Paignton are also great walking spots to encounter in South Devon.

1. Cliff Path Walk

A personal favourite Torquay walk of mine is the cliff path walk in Torquay offers stunning views of the Riveria with the harbour of Torquay in the distance at specific points too. With plenty of benches and walls along the walk too, this is an accessible walk for everyone, with opportunities to have breaks and also to just sit and enjoy the view. If you start from the Headland Hotel & Spa on Daddyhole Road, you will see signs directing you to the cliff path; if you follow the path, it takes you all the way to the road just before the harbour.

With brightly coloured flowers and greeny adoring the path, this walk is a chance to be deep in nature and enjoy the views of Torquay, Devon, and the glistening sea. However, I wouldn’t recommend doing this walk in winter because it is more slippery and the weather is temperamental; spring and summer are the best times to see views of South Devon at its finest.

● Distance: 2-3 miles

2. Torre Abbey Leisure Park

Located close to Torquay Beach, along the seafront, and a twenty-minute walk from the centre of town, Torre Abbey Leisure Park is a perfect spot for a casual small Torquay walk on your visit here. It is usually a quiet park that has activities such as golf, tennis, and bowls for amateurs and professionals. I always like visiting this park when I want to escape the busy town during the summer, and it is great for picnics and relaxing on the bench.

● Distance: N/A

3. Town Walk and Harbour

One of the best Torquay walks you can do is walking through the town and harbour area; this is the perfect way to see the main area of Torquay. If you start at Torquay Beach, you can walk along the seafront towards the Torquay Wheel; here, you will see a greenery space and an array of seafront restaurants and ice cream parlours. If you continue along this path, you will get to the harbour, which is worth a pleasant walk around. Next, walk towards the shops and explore the town centre. You will find your typical town shops and lots of independent shops and souvenirs.

This is a great walk in Torquay to do with family so that everyone can visit the shops and eateries and do the activities they want to do. Walking along the harbour is also particularly lovely to do in the evening.

● Distance: 1-3 miles

4. Thatcher Point and Rock

Thatcher Point is a brilliant walk in Torquay that has beautiful greenery space with a jaw-dropping view of Thatcher Rock and out across the sea. If you park near Meadfoot Beach, you can walk along the cliff and seafront towards Thatcher Rock Green; this walk takes 0.8 miles. The green space is the perfect spot to pitch up to enjoy the views and also to have picnics with a game of football or rounders.

Many people in the summer love to go to Thatcher Point to do cliff jumping in the summer; there is a range of large and smaller rocks depending on how familiar you are with cliff jumping. Take in the sea views and walk along the South West Coast path nearby; with the array of flora and birdlife around the area, this key point in Torquay is a must on your visit to South Devon.

● Distance: 3-4 miles

5. Torquay to Babbacombe

Babbacombe is a part of Torquay, notable for its Model Village and its clifftop green, Babbacombe Downs. With Babbacombe being along the seafront, it is an ideal, accessible walk in Torquay. While you could drive to Babbacombe in seven minutes and then walk around the green, this walk is best explored by walking directly from Torquay. With it being on the English Riviera, Babbacombe is a beautiful spot with red cliffs and rocks with wooded hills and gardens that have attained the prestigious Green Flag awards.

The hike is about six miles along the South West Coast Path; the route is fairly flat, but there are some moderate climbs (a reasonable level of fitness is required). Along the walk are clifftop views, pretty beaches, and woodland sections too. The route can start from Crobyn Beach in Torquay, not far from the train station, and then you can walk along the beach and harbour area of Torquay towards Meadfoot Beach; from Hope’s Nose, near Headland, you can turn north to Black Head where you will go along the Babbacombe cliff top path.

● Distance: 6 miles

6. Brixham Harbour

One of the best places to walk near Torquay is Brixham. Located along the English Riviera too, Brixham is a busy fishing town that is most popular for its jaw-dropping harbour and crisp sea views. Close to the mouth of Brixham harbour is also Breakwater Beach, one of the English Riveria’s cleanest beaches.

Begin your walk near the quay at Brixham Harbour and walk along the walls of the harbour towards Breakwater Beach. Here, you can take a break for a swim or ice cream or continue your walk along the coastal path towards Berry Head, where you will find a National Nature Reserve. This beautiful headland, with an iconic lighthouse and Napoleonic Fort, offers exceptional views across Devon and the sea. You can enjoy many coastal walks in the reserve area, and the visitor centre and cafe are also worth visiting to explore its history and grab a bite to eat and drink before you head back to the harbour.

● Distance: 5-6 miles

7. Paignton

Paignton is an extremely popular Devonshire town located opposite Torquay across the sea. It is an ideal location for families and those wanting to stay near the sea in an area with many attractions and things to do in the town and nearby. The beautiful beachfront stretches out and has a promenade and traditional pier, as well as brightly coloured beach huts and greenery. The seafront and the town centre are all within close proximity too.

If you begin your walk near the green (where there are plenty of car parks), you can walk along the promenade and seafront for however long you wish, taking in the sights of the town and sea. A recommended walk in Paignton would be from Fairy Cove near Paignton Beach to Elberry Cove in Brixham.

● Distance: 2-3 miles

8. Teignmouth

Teignmouth is a delightful coastal town with historical Georgian buildings, long sandy beaches, and plenty of countryside too. There is a Victorian pier, crazy golf, and shops in the town centre to explore. The walks in Teignmouth have plenty to offer, with tidal footpaths, sandy beaches, steep hills, and beautiful views like much of South Devon.

One of my recommended walks would be to complete the Teignmouth commercial harbour loop, a simple long loop around the harbour area, following the footpath for a coastal walk. However, it is a longer hike, so taking breaks and drinking plenty of water is advisable if you decide to do the walk during the summer.

● Distance: 6-6.5 miles

9. Cockington

Cockinton is a cute village around a 50-minute walk from Torquay (or 10 minutes in the car). The main place to visit for a Torquay walk is Cockington Country Park, which contains a picturesque garden landscape, open parkland, rural countryside and woodland, and a Manor House. You can explore the country park through a stunning network of paths and bridleways. The park is also home to over twenty craft studios, an art gallery, and a tea room.

A visit to this area means you can explore the village of Cockington and the country park, allowing you to have a simple but blissful walk near Torquay.

● Distance: N/A

10. Anstey’s Cove

Located on the other side of Torquay, Anstey’s Cove is a 2-mile walk from Torquay Beach. Walking from Torquay Beach allows for a moderate walk to enjoy two beach areas in the town. The walk can either take you along the coastal path in Torquay or cut through Torquay’s housing and countryside area too.

The small shingle beach is quiet and peaceful, in contrast to the much busier Torquay Beach. At the back of the beach is a hillside area with woodland, which offers a tranquil trail through the trees and along the coast; this may be worth a walk around as well as the beach to make the most of a different Torquay walk.

● Distance: 4-6 miles

Conclusion: The Best Torquay Walks

Torquay is the perfect place for picturesque walks along the coast and countryside. South Devon has plenty to offer, with an array of different walks to suit all walkers. With Torquay being located close to popular seaside towns such as Paignton and Brixham, all these walks are within a simple 20-minute drive, and some close by are even accessible via foot. While Torquay and surrounding areas get busy during the summer months, this is the best time of year to enjoy the beautiful weather for Torquay walks and make the most out of the delightful sights of South Devon.


By Cara-Louise Scott

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