Places to visit in England: 8 best destinations

When someone says England, what comes to your mind? The Queen? Rain and grey skies? Afternoon tea? Or football perhaps. For most people, England is a mashup of many things. You may visit one coastal town, which boasts a beach culture and uses the term bread bun. Then you travel twenty-minutes west to find moorland,Continue reading “Places to visit in England: 8 best destinations”

Places to visit in Yorkshire: 8 best destinations

Yorkshire. Home to tea, moorland, football, castles, and of course – Yorkshire Pudding. England’s Northern County boasts an illustrious history, heading the industrial revolution in recent history, and hosting the Romans and Vikings in earlier years. Its occupation by different invaders left many historic attractions in Yorkshire, including forts, cathedrals, and castles. Aside from history,Continue reading “Places to visit in Yorkshire: 8 best destinations”