Best Winter Hikes in Scotland

As November hits, it is easy to look back wistfully on spring and summer. Weren’t all those warm, bright skied hikes amazing? There’s good news, though, and it doesn’t involve waiting until next spring for your next hike.  Winter may be coming, but that is just the start of hiking adventures in Scotland. Some ScottishContinue reading “Best Winter Hikes in Scotland”

Things to do in Edinburgh: 10 attractions for your itinerary

Edinburgh hardly needs an introduction. It condenses everything that symbolises the best of Scottish culture into an aesthetic, weekend break-sized city. History? Check. Local hiking? Check. Loveable hospitality? Double-check. The question is not if you’ll visit, but things to do in Edinburgh when you do. It can be hard to sift out the excellent fromContinue reading “Things to do in Edinburgh: 10 attractions for your itinerary”

Places to visit in Scotland: 8 best destinations

Think irregular cliff coastlines, still grey-blue lochs, and untamed Highland hills. Then picture film festivals, medieval castles, and tucking into hearty traditional food by a fireplace in a city pub. It’s no wonder that Scotland attracted over 150 million visits in 2019. The best of both worlds; Scotland offers romantic, remote adventures and cultural cityContinue reading “Places to visit in Scotland: 8 best destinations”