Visiting Leeds Festival: A Complete Guide

If you lived in Yorkshire and didn’t head to Leeds Fest with a weekend ticket, more glitter and disguised vodka than food, and a tent that would not return – were you really a teenager? Every August, partiers flood to the 600-acre festival site, donning outrageously skimpy clothing and pairs of wellies. There is aContinue reading “Visiting Leeds Festival: A Complete Guide”

Visiting Oxford Vintage Kilo Sales: A Complete Guide

Heard of a kilo sale? It’s basically thrift shopping gone mad. Thousands of vintage second-hand garments are packed into venues across the UK, with shoppers purchasing tickets to enter. Once you’re in, you can purchase a kilogram of any items for just £20 – a bargain if you pick out the designer brands. Shop Kilo runContinue reading “Visiting Oxford Vintage Kilo Sales: A Complete Guide”

Visiting Appleby Horse Fair: A Complete Guide

“I was going to buy a falabella for Ailish,” My grandad told my dad in his thick Offaly accent,” they were selling for a fiver and small enough to fit in the boot”. Unfortunately, my dad turned sheet-white at the prospect of a gifted 30-inch-tall miniature pony. But I decided to visit Appleby Horse FairContinue reading “Visiting Appleby Horse Fair: A Complete Guide”