Snowdonia sunrise spots: Six places to watch sunrise in Snowdonia

The early bird catches the worm, right? Well the same goes for these amazing Snowdonia sunrise spots. If you can drag yourself out of bed before the sun does, you’ll be able to catch stunning sunrises in Snowdonia. Whether you want a challenging hike to a sunrise spot or a simple drive to a beautifulContinue reading “Snowdonia sunrise spots: Six places to watch sunrise in Snowdonia”

Snowdonia waterfalls: Six waterfalls to visit in Snowdonia

So, I’ve covered the best waterfalls in Wales. But what about the best Snowdonia waterfalls to visit? Snowdonia might be primarily known for Mt Snowdon and its mountain climbing opportunities. However, the national park is also blessed with lots (and lots) of stunning waterfalls – including the tallest single-drop waterfall in Wales. If you are short onContinue reading “Snowdonia waterfalls: Six waterfalls to visit in Snowdonia”

Climbing Mount Snowdon: A Complete Guide

For hiking and mountaineering lovers, the highest mountain in Wales may sound like a respectable game. Spoiler; it is. I’ve hiked Mount Snowdon four times – making my first ascent to the summit on the family-friendly Miner’s Track at five years old. The best thing about climbing Mount Snowdon is its versatility. The mountain hasContinue reading “Climbing Mount Snowdon: A Complete Guide”