Which city is better, Glasgow or Edinburgh?

Glasgow and Edinburgh are two of the best places to visit in Scotland. But which is better to visit, Edinburgh or Glasgow? Whether you choose Glasgow or Edinburgh, you’ll have an incredible experience, but the cities offer two completely different holidays. They might be just an hour apart, but it might as well be aContinue reading “Which city is better, Glasgow or Edinburgh?”

Things to do in Glasgow: 10 attractions for your itinerary

Much like Derry and Belfast in Northern Ireland, Glasgow is often skipped over in favour of Edinburgh. Both cities are great Scottish destinations, so make sure you don’t make the common mistake! Glasgow is full of culture, oomph, and history. Edinburgh does have a reputation as the safest, more interesting of the cities, but this isn’t a fair judgement. BothContinue reading “Things to do in Glasgow: 10 attractions for your itinerary”