Pubs in Haworth: The 4 Best Country Pubs to Visit

Pubs in Haworth or some of the best in Yorkshire. This image shows Haworth Main Street.

Who doesn’t love a country pub? No, seriously, let’s headhunt here.

When visiting Yorkshire, Haworth is a popular village destination. The village is connected to the original Railway Children train line and was the lifetime home of the esteemed Bronte sisters. Visitors can explore the area’s film and literary history, vintage steam trains, and country walks. Then, after a busy day, you can escape into one of the pubs in Haworth.

Most of the pubs in Haworth are on Haworth Main Street – arguably one of the most famous streets in Yorkshire. The cobbled road serves pedestrians and the odd car, with traditional pubs, restaurants, and quirky independent shops to browse. Start your search for the ultimate pub here and watch out for our four best country pubs to visit in Haworth.

The King’s Arms

Pubs in Haworth get a big thumbs up in this picture.
Beer via Pixabay.
Address: 2 Church St, Haworth, Keighley, BD22 8DR

At the top of the Main Street, The King’s Arms is a two-minute walk from the Bronte Parsonage and Haworth Cemetery.

Accessing the pub via a narrow cobbled side street adds to its country appeal, and the building is very much a traditional English hospitality venue. If you want an aesthetic English pub experience, The King’s Arms is a good place to start.

Supernatural enthusiasts, listen up. For a while, The King’s Arms cellars were used as a mortuary to store the deceased before burial. The inn was also used as a slaughterhouse for a considerable period. Rumour has it that the pub’s murky history has made it a haunted property – so keep your eyes and ears peeled when you visit!

If you think you’ll need liquid courage to keep you over the threshold now, don’t worry. The King’s Arms has an impressively stocked bar, serving specials like Bronte Beer. You can try Anne, Branwell, Charlotte, and Emily cask ales, combining literary celebration with a tasty pale ale or IPA! Of course, you can expect all your usual English pub grub as well.

The Black Bull Haworth

Pubs in Haworth are great to explore with friends. This image shows a laughing girl toasting friends with beer.
Friends drinking beers via Pexel.
Address: 119 Main St, Haworth, Keighley, BD22 8DP

Just down the road from The King’s Arms, The Black Bull Haworth opens directly onto the Main Street. The Black Bull is a classic stone-built gastropub and one of the best pubs in Haworth. The Black Bull was a favourite drinking hole for Branwell Bronte – the Bronte sisters’ only brother.

The pub has been running for centuries and is a good venue to visit to appreciate Haworth’s history. Haworth weather isn’t reliably sunny, but on the odd good day, The Black Bull has outside seating on picnic benches. If you get lucky with the weather, where better to enjoy hearty pub food?

On tap, you can taste ales from the Bridgehouse and Acorn Breweries, and you’ll also find Guinness on draft. After a day exploring Haworth, a refreshing pint and a roast dinner at The Black Bull is a welcome luxury.

The Fleece Inn

A burger and chips with a pint of beer in the background.
A plate of food and a pint via Unsplash.
Address: 67 Main St, Haworth, Keighley, BD22 8DA

The Fleece Inn welcomes overnight guests upstairs, diners on the lower half of the split floor, and drinkers in the bar lounge.

The pub wears many hats yet does so with staunchly Yorkshire hospitality. The service is friendly, joking, and straight-talking. The pints are properly poured. And, there is plenty of comfort food to warm you up. The ‘Proper Fish Butty’ is particularly recommendable!

There are Timothy Taylor’s ales, Old Mout and Aspall ciders, and national classics like Carling on tap. If you’d like a variety of drinks to choose from, The Fleece Inn is one of the best pubs in Haworth.

In general, to sit inside and warm up, The Fleece Inn is an excellent choice. The food is good quality, and the drinks menu is diverse enough to cater to a group of mixed preferences. The Fleece Inn is an easy addition to our list of the best pubs in Haworth.

Haworth Steam Brewing Co

Pubs in Haworth are a country pub lovers' heaven. This image shows a pint on a wooden table.
A pint of beer via Pexels.
Address: 98 Main Street, Haworth, Keighley, BD22 8DP

Haworth Steam Brewing Co is a microbrewery meets bistro and unique addition to our list.

The venue produces Miss Mollies Gins and Gascoigne’s tonics and mixers – focusing on all-natural ingredients through quality-driven small-batch production. And, instead of imported beers, you’ll find beer taps full of Haworth Steam Brewing Co’s own beers. Sample an Up T’ SummatBy’Eck pale ale, or even a Nah’ Then Yorkshire blonde. All the beers are brewed using Yorkshire water, which fits their dialect-inspired names.

If you are looking for a bite to eat, Haworth Steam Brewing Co has a more upscale menu than the more pub grub features on our list. Sure, there is a lamb shank and Whitby scampi to try. But there are also more international dishes to enjoy, like the Pakistani lamb lahore and Indian chicken balti kuzhumu.

Haworth Steam Brewing Co is a venue to go for new experiences and exploration – so make sure to arrive with an open mind. It is the most creative of the pubs in Haworth and definitely warrants a visit when passing through.

For a full guide on visiting Haworth check out my existing article here for things to do, when to visit, and many more useful bits of information.

Have you visited any of these pubs in Haworth before? Drop a comment below.

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