Visit Haworth: A complete guide to visiting Haworth

Planning a visit to Haworth? This guide will cover everything that you need to know about visiting Haworth. From how to get there, what to do, and even where to eat.

Haworth is an incredible destination in Yorkshire and was the famous home of the Bronte sisters – three well-respected British authors. The village is small but beautiful and has lots to see and do. You should allow at least a day to explore and enjoy Haworth.

So, let’s delve into everything you need to know before you visit Haworth.

Where is Haworth?

Haworth is three miles outside of Keighley, a large town near the city of Bradford.

However, while Haworth is near major towns and cities, it still has a rural atmosphere. Winding country lanes and agricultural properties surround Haworth.

How to get to Haworth?

Haworth Train.
Haworth train via Unsplash.

When you hear winding country lanes, you have one of two reactions. The first is one of excitement. ‘Wow, how quaint!’ you might say. If this is you, driving to Haworth shouldn’t be an issue. You can stop to take pictures at scenic spots, admire the traditional houses that you pass, and romanticise the drive.

If driving isn’t your thing, chances are you hear winding country lanes and panic. You can catch the steam train to Haworth to avoid narrow roads, sharp bends, and limited parking. The Keighley Worth Valley Railway starts at Keighley Train Station and runs to Haworth. As a heritage line, it has many different stops you can disembark at along the way, including Oakworth, where the Railway Children was filmed.

Of course, catching the steam train is a novel way to get to Haworth, even if you drive. You may wish to drive to Keighley or one of the main stops and leave a car there so that you can catch the steam train.

What to do in Haworth?

Bronte Parsonage.
Bronte Parsonage via Unsplash.

There are lots of things to do in Haworth, but these are my absolute top recommendations.

Bronte Parsonage

The Bronte Parsonage is where it all started. Emily, Charlotte, and Anne Bronte grew up in the Parsonage with their brother, Bramwell, and their parents. Their father was a preacher and held congregations for the local community at Haworth’s church. By stepping foot in the Bronte Parsonage, you are retracing the Bronte sisters’ footsteps and visiting the birthplace of some of the most celebrated literature in British history.

The Bronte Society was formed in 1893, and the Bronte Museum was formed in 1895. From then until now, the different owners of Bronte Parsonage have collected, loaned, and purchased original documents and items. Nowadays, you can explore the preserved rooms of the Bronte household and discover the museum’s collection as you go.

Bronte Parsonage is open from Wednesday to Sunday, and you can purchase tickets online in advance.

Shop on Haworth Main Street

One of the best things to do on a visit to Haworth is shop on the Main Street. Haworth Main Street is lined by independent shops, including The Cabinet Of Curiosities and Mrs Beighton’s Sweet Shop. Window-shopping (or actual shopping) should take less than an hour but is one of the best ways to experience the village.

If you get a feeling of déjà vu walking down Haworth Main Street, it’s probably because you have seen it before. The Main Street was used as a film set in The Railway Children and also in the hit series Peaky Blinders. Walking the street for yourself, it is easy to see why it caught producers’ eyes. It definitely has a television-worthy aesthetic.

Keighley Worth Valley Railway

As I’ve covered above, catching a steam train is an exciting way to experience Haworth. The steam trains have traditional individual carriages, and you can experience the thrill of stepping back into the 1970s with preserved stations, trains, and platforms. Even the toilets are in 1970s style and feature gas lamps and open fireplaces rather than modern furnishings.

If you are interested in catching the Keighley Worth Valley Railway to visit Haworth, I’d suggest starting at Keighley and disembarking at Oxenhope, Oakworth, and then Haworth.

Oxenhope has a huge museum of vintage trains ‘retired’ for working life and an adorable café in a train carriage that sits alongside the platform. Oakworth is the station where The Railway Children was filmed and features the most traditional station facilities – including those toilets I mentioned. Keep your eyes peeled for Damems station too, which is (controversially) named the shortest train station in the United Kingdom.  

Once you’ve completed the journey, you’ll be fully immersed in the 1970s aesthetic and ready to fully appreciate Haworth.

Complete a Haworth walk

A walk should be on the top of your to-do list when you visit Haworth. After all, what good is it to visit Bronte Country without experiencing the Wuthering Heights moorland for yourself?

You can choose from the many self-guided walks around Haworth or splurge on a guided walk. It depends on whether you’d like a tour guide to provide information along the way or if you prefer to hike in comfortable silence.

This is an excellent option if you want a short self-guided walk and is only 1.5 miles. The route takes you along the river and is a good scenic introduction to Haworth’s surrounding countryside. Watch out for any passing steam trains too, as the path has excellent views of the railway line.

Fancy a longer walk? If you can complete a 9 miles hike, I’d strongly recommend that you choose this walk. You’ll pass the Bronte Waterfall and reach Top Withins, where you can have the full Wuthering Heights experience. The whole walk should take around three hours to complete, although you should allow longer for photo stops.

Where to eat in Haworth?

Roast dinner.
Roast dinner via Unsplash.

As a short answer, pub food is a must when you visit Haworth.

There are some brilliant pubs lining Haworth Main Street, and I recommend visiting at least one. Bonus points if you visit Haworth on a Sunday for a roast dinner with a Yorkshire pudding and gravy. You can read my complete guide on the best country pubs in Haworth here, but these are my favourites:

– The Kings Arms

– The Fleece Inn

– Haworth Steam Brewing Co

Fancy a different meal to pub grub? These are a few quickfire suggestions for the best restaurant and cafes to eat at in Haworth.  

Cobbles and Clay

Creatives, Cobbles, and Clay is the best place to eat when visiting Haworth. This venue is a café meets pottery painting studio – so you can paint a masterpiece onto blank clay while enjoying your food and drink.

You can find out more at the official website here. Cobbles and Clay is child-friendly, making it an excellent spot for families. It could also be a sweet date idea, so keep it in mind if you are visiting Haworth with a partner.


If you want a taste of French cuisine without straying from the UK, Pave is a fantastic place to eat.

The shop and deli sell a mixture of meats, cheese, and artisan products. Their menu is famous for extravagant charcuterie boards and a finely selected wine list. Pave has an upmarket feel and a focus on quality. You can visit their official website here.

The Old Registry Restaurant

Do you love luxurious countryside venues? The Old Registry Haworth is the best place for luxury in a traditional country setting.

The Old Registry prides itself on friendly service and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. However, its menu leaves a lot to be impressed by, too, with classic dishes like beef brisket and varied dishes like Mediterranean fish soup. The Old Registry is great for people who can never quite decide what food they feel like – there is a wide selection to suit different cravings.

The Coffee House

If you value Trip Advisor ranking, The Coffee House is one of the top-ranking cafes in Haworth. The Coffee House is a reliable option for wonderful service, good coffee, and tasty food.

Coffee enthusiasts should especially prioritise a trip to The Coffee House. Guests choose which beans they’d like for their coffee, and you get to watch as the beans are ground down in front of you. Think of it as a tasting experience rather than a standard coffee.

Best time to visit Haworth?

Haworth moorland via Unsplash.

The best time to visit Haworth is a tricky question to answer.

In winter, the village is magical. The festive decorations make the cobbled streets, and traditional buildings (somehow) look even prettier. Haworth is usually quieter in autumn, and you’ll have all the seasonal background to admire.

However, I’d recommend that you visit Haworth in the summer. Will it be busy? Yes. Try to avoid the crowds by visiting mid-week and outside of school holidays. But you really want the warmest, driest weather possible when visiting Haworth.

The cobbled Main Street is on a steep slope and gets hazardously slippery in rain and snow. Some cobbles are polished from being stepped on so many times, so you want to avoid navigating them in bad weather. Summer is your best bet for this.

You get the best experience in Haworth from wandering around and window shopping – so make sure you time a visit with good weather.

Weather in Haworth

Rain clouds.
Rain clouds via Unsplash.

November to March is cold in Haworth, with temperatures rarely reaching above 10 Degrees Celsius. If you visit Haworth in these months, be aware that temperatures often reach freezing, and you can guarantee lots of rain and overcast skies. You can expect to meet a quite gothic, atmospheric version of Haworth.

July and August are the warmest and driest months in Haworth. In these months, you can expect temperatures of up to 20 Degrees Celsius and less than fifteen days of monthly rainfall. The days are longer and brighter, giving you a more serene picture of Haworth.

Is visiting Haworth worth it?

Haworth via Pexels.

Yes, definitely. Haworth is a great place to visit.

Classic literature fans have the draw of the Bronte Parsonage, and anyone will enjoy catching a vintage steam train into Haworth. The village has an aesthetic that most visitors to the UK want to experience. Think of it as a Northern Cotswolds.

Of course, whether Haworth is ‘worth it’ depends on your situation. Would I recommend driving up for a single day to visit Haworth from London? Probably not (unless you really love the Brontes). But if you are visiting or near Yorkshire, Haworth is one of the best places to visit.

So, there we have it. Everything you need to know before you visit Haworth. If you are looking for nearby adventures, you can check out my guide on things to do in Bradfordthings to do in Leeds at nightwalks in the Yorkshire Dales, or just scroll through our Yorkshire archive

Visited Haworth before? Drop your recommendations in the comments below. 

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  1. We visited Haworth yesterday, it was our 3month old puppies first trip out and after doing some research I was so pleased to see how welcoming of dogs the town was with water dishes outside most of the shops. The town has so much to offer tourists and the railway was a great experience !

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