Leeds Bradford Airport: A Complete Guide

Biased? Maybe. But Leeds Bradford Airport is my favourite in the world.

The airport is small enough to be less stressful to navigate than Manchester Airport, yet still benefits from flight deals and exciting connections. Like the airport, the team has a community feel as well. In fact, I once had a member of security kindly chase after me when I forgot my liquids bag (if you are reading this, thank you!).

To help you prepare for a flight from Leeds Bradford Airport, I’ve compiled answers to common questions and formed a complete airport guide. From location to lounges, here is a guide to Leeds Bradford Airport.

Where is Leeds Bradford Airport?

Leeds Bradford Airport is near Yeadon and eight miles Northwest of Leeds City Centre.

Leeds, Bradford, and Leeds Bradford Airport form a triangle shape on a map – as shown above. Reaching the airport takes a similar time from either city.

How to get to Leeds Bradford Airport?

An aerial view of Leeds Bradford Airport.
Leeds Bradford Airport via Shutterstock.

The easiest way to get to Leeds Bradford Airport is by taxi or uber. However, you can also drive and pay for parking or catch a bus if you don’t mind navigating public transport beforehand. You’ll have to factor in where you are travelling from, of course, and your flight time.

I have created comparative tables containing public transport options from Leeds and Bradford City Centres:

 BusTaxiDrive (with two-day parking)
Price £4 £21 £27
Time 31 minutes16 minutes16 minutes
Transport from Leeds City Centre
 BusTaxiDrive (with two-day parking)
Price £4 £21£27
Time55 minutes16 minutes16 minutes
Transport from Bradford City Centre

You can click on the table links for booking options, which will take you to the relevant pages. The options from Leeds and Bradford are very similar in price and time – with only the bus from Leeds being slightly quicker.

If you stay in a smaller Yorkshire town like Haworth, consider staying in a city the night before. There are plenty of things to do in Leeds at night, so you’ll be well entertained! Alternatively splurge on a taxi or drive from remote areas.

When should I arrive at Leeds Bradford Airport?

You should arrive at Leeds Bradford Airport three hours before your flight to allow enough time to get through security.

Where possible, check in online before you arrive at the airport. Airlines, like Ryanair, have special check in systems on mobile apps to save you queuing to check in in-person.

Is Leeds Bradford Airport open 24 hours a day?

Yes, Leeds Bradford Airport is open 24 hours a day.

However, shops and restaurants close overnight. I’d advise bringing a snack and water bottle with you if you are visiting Leeds Bradford Airport in the early hours. A pillow and light blanket might be useful too if you want to rest before your flight.

Which Leeds Bradford Airport parking should you choose?

In short, it depends on how long you’ll be staying. I’ve broken down your options in detail below, so you can research before pre-booking or choosing on the day.

One-hour free zone

My personal favourite for obvious reasons, the one-hour free zone is only a few minutes walk away from the terminal entrance.

I frequently use this car park when getting a lift from family to or from Leeds Bradford Airport. An hour is perfect for allowing the driver to meet you from the entrance and provides a safe buffer to stop them from getting charged more if you get delayed at immigration. Really, this is the best option for pick up and drop off if you don’t mind a short walk.

Pick up and drop off

These spots are the closest to the main entrance and exit, so ideal if you have arranged a lift with a friend or family and don’t want the extra walk. Likewise, if you have ordered a taxi or Uber, you will probably be dropped here.

The rate for cars increases every ten minutes and is recorded by surveillance cameras as opposed to collecting a ticket. Once the driver leaves, they will be presented with a bill calculated by time spent waiting or dropping off.

These are the 2022 rates:

Time (minutes)Cost (£)

Short stay

Are you escaping for a weekend? Leeds Bradford Airport allows parking from less than an hour to two days in the Short Stay car park. Plus, the space is directly in front of the airport terminal, so an easy, convenient walk with heavy luggage.

After two days, you pay £30 per day until your return.

These are the 2022 rates:  

TimeCost (£)
0-60 minutes12
2-3 hours17
4 hours to a day42
2 days70

Mid stay

Mid stay is similar in pricing but better suited to those planning a long weekend away. Like the Short Stay car park, the Mid Stay is a few minutes walk from the airport terminal. However, the pricing works a little differently.

After paying £39 for the first day, you only pay £27 per day until your return.

TimeCost (£)
1 day39

Long stay

Now, compared to the other car parks, the long stay is a lot further away. But, while you’ll have to take a shuttle to the terminal, you can holiday in peace knowing that your car is in a quieter, secure parking spot.

The long stay works out more economically if you are holidaying for a week or longer. Again, pricing works a little differently, and after three days, you are only charged £12 per day. I’ve included the 2022 rates for up to three days below.

TimeCost (£)
1 day37.00
2 days44.00
3 days49.00

Where is the Leeds Bradford Airport departures terminal?

An airport sign.
A sign via Shutterstock.

You can access the Leeds Bradford Airport departures via the main terminal entrance. There is only one terminal, which makes finding your way extremely easy! Just follow the signposts to the check-in desks in Hall A or B. If you’ve checked in online you just head left to enter security.

Where is the Leeds Bradford Airport arrivals terminal?

As Leeds Bradford Airport only has one terminal, you can easily find the arrivals. For those meeting people off the plane, the arrivals door is located inside the terminal and right next to the main terminal doors.

What are the best Leeds Bradford Airport hotels?

While you can easily travel to catch a flight from surrounding hotels, booking a hotel near the airport is easier for an early flight or pure convenience.

There are the four best hotels near Leeds Bradford Airport to consider:

Travelodge Leeds Bradford Airport

Address: Whitehouse Lane, Yeadon, Leeds, LS19 7UE, United Kingdom

Distance: 7 minute walk

Price/night: From £55

The Travelodge is a tried and trusted chain hotel. It is also the closest hotel to Leeds Bradford Airport – ideal for those wanting to walk for an early flight.

For solo female travellers, I would personally walk this route at night. There is only a four-minute walk up Whitehouse Lane (which is quite busy with airport drop offs), and then you walk a few minutes through the open-air airport car parks. Of course, use your own judgement to guide you.

The rooms themselves are budget but comfortable. The main draw for Travelodge is the location, but you can expect a nice stay as well. There is ample paid parking available outside too, which is convenient.

Premier Inn Leeds / Bradford Airport

Address: Victoria Avenue, Yeadon, Leeds, LS19 7AW, United Kingdom

Distance: 22 minute walk

Price/night: From £62.50

I’d place Premier Inn slightly above Travelodge in terms of room quality. The main differences are that Premier Inn has dining facilities, free parking, and a slightly more sophisticated interior design. Of course, these qualities do come at the cost of a slightly further walk to the airport.

As a decider, if you are catching an early flight, I’d go for Travelodge for convenience. But, for later flights, I’d stay at Premier Inn and make the walk in daylight with a full belly of restaurant food.

The White Swan, Yeadon

Address: High Street, Yeadon, Leeds, LS19 7TA, United Kingdom

Distance: 24 minute walk

Price/night: From £75

The White Swan is a pub restaurant meets guest house. If you like to stay amidst the action, The White Swan is for you, as it can get lively on the weekends.

The restaurant downstairs is convenient for those short on time and rates respectably on Google. The White Swan has just six rooms available, so you will have to book in advance during busier months! However, it does have a mixture of twin, family, and king rooms, so has a nice variety of choices.

The location is handy for exploration, especially on a light summer evening. The property is less than a minute’s walk from Yeadon Tarn and next to plenty of shops on the high street.

Willow Cottage

Address: Ivegate, Yeadon, Leeds, LS19 7RE, United Kingdom

Distance: 32 minute walk

Price/night: From £68

Looks-wise, Willow Cottage is for the boujee. But, you can start your airport experience from the nearby 18th-century Bed & Breakfast for a competitive price.

Despite being a luxury accommodation option, Willow Cottage has some budget-friendly standard rooms – a great option if you want to indulge before or after a flight. Willow Cottages offers a continental and full English breakfast each morning, plus hot drinks and wi-fi in every room.

The guest lounge is also a great maximisation of space and gives you that home-from-home feel.

What lounges does Leeds Bradford Airport have?

A woman in an airport lounge.
An airport lounge via Shutterstock.

Leeds Bradford Airport has three lounges: The Yorkshire Lounge, White Rose Lounge, and the 1432 Runway Club. I’ve broken them down into detail below.

The Yorkshire Lounge

The Yorkshire Lounge is a good choice if you want comfort and food.

The Lounge is filled with plush armchairs and sofas, with runway views in certain areas. There’s wi-fi, departure boards, and charging points – perfect for letting you relax and keep an eye on the time.

The Yorkshire Lounge offers a complimentary snack buffet and an included selection of soft and alcoholic drinks. From 5 am to 11 am, guests can order from the breakfast menu. And, between 11 am and 7:45 pm, there are lunch and dinner dishes served on a complimentary basis.

Adult entrance is £30, while children under 11 can enter for £20, and children under 2 enter for free. Note that you can only access the Lounge a maximum of three hours before your flight departure.

White Rose Lounge

The White Rose Lounge is very similar to The Yorkshire Lounge, except possibly more suitable for professionals as there are mostly table facilities.

The Lounge has excellent runway views and offers a buffet for every meal of the day.

*As of March 2022, this Lounge is currently still closed due to the pandemic.*

1432 Runway Club

Wanting a taste of first-class? 1432 is the answer.

While still offering complimentary refreshments, 1432 uses premium and sustainable brands – including Fairtrade coffee. And the views? To die for. You get floor-to-ceiling runway views with plenty of natural lighting for a relaxing pre-flight experience.

The 1432 Runway Club also has a washroom if you’d like to freshen up beforehand.

*Booking isn’t currently available on the official website, meaning the Lounge could still be closed due to the pandemic. I’d suggest emailing or ringing ahead to avoid disappointment.*

Where can you fly domestically from Leeds Bradford Airport?

You can fly to Belfast in Northern Ireland, Newquay and Southampton in England, and Guernsey and Jersey in The Channel Islands.

Where can you fly internationally from Leeds Bradford Airport?

A parked plane.
A parked plane via Unplash.

You can fly to Turkey, Switzerland, fourteen different Spanish destinations, Slovakia, Portugal, Poland, the Netherlands, Malta, Madeira, Lithuania, Latvia, Italy, Ireland, Hungary, Greece, France, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Croatia, Bulgaria, and Austria.

Got any tips on tackling Leeds Bradford Airport? Drop them in the comments below. 

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