Best Yorkshire Film Locations: 27 Filming Locations in Yorkshire

Yorkshire might be self-proclaimed as God’s Own Country, but one thing’s for sure – it has its fair share of film locations. Yorkshire has appeared in everything from Harry Potter to The Witcher and that iconic 2000s flick Wild Child. The county has a reputation for rather dramatic landscapes. And its mixture of moorland, industrial cobble streets, and grand houses has all caught filmmakers’ eyes. If you are planning a visit, there are tons of Yorkshire film locations that you can check out.

There’s something really magical about seeing a film location in real life. In this guide, we’ll give you the rundown of the most exciting filming locations in Yorkshire. Grab your popcorn, and let’s get going.

1. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

Location: Malham Cove

When you think of film locations in Yorkshire, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is usually one of the first to come up. In the famed Malham Cove scene, Hermione whisks Ron and Harry away to the first place she could think of – which she says she visited with her parents. Malham Cove is located within the boundaries of the Yorkshire Dales National Park. The scene was filmed atop the cove, which you can access on a track to the cove’s left. On the top of Malham Cove is a dramatic limestone pavement, a unique geographical feature and essentially a layer of cracked rock in mesmerising patterns.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is easily one of the most famous featured films in Yorkshire. The Malham Cove walk is one of the best walks in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, so it’s a win-win. 

2. Wild Child

Location: Haworth

If you are yet to visit Haworth, you are in for a treat. The little industrial town got its fame from the Bronte sisters (more on them later) but actually has a whole wealth of films under its belt. One of these films is the 2000s teen comedy Wild Child, where Emma Roberts plays a rebellious teen shipped off to a remote British boarding school in England to tame her wild ways. In one of the scenes, she goes shopping in the nearby town and visits a charity shop to pick out dresses. This ‘nearby town’ is Haworth and you can visit the inside of the charity shop, actually called The Souk.

This Wild Child scene is one of the most fun Yorkshire film locations to visit. You can pick out some really whacky outfits. 

3. Peaky Blinders

Location: Keighley & Worth Valley Railway

What would a list of filming locations in Yorkshire be without mention of the Peaky Blinders? And if you have really mixed taste in films, you can combine a trip to see the Wild Child location with the Peaky Blinders; the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway stops at Haworth. The five-mile railway is where the dramatic climax between Inspector Campbell and Grace takes place – a confrontation over her loyalties to Tommy.

Riding the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway is a top Yorkshire attraction and one of the best things to do in the Keighley area. And that’s not to mention its other famous appearance…

4. The Railway Children

Location: Keighley & Worth Valley Railway

The 1970 version and the recent release of The Railway Children Return were filmed at Haworth and on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway line. This railway is one of the most renowned Yorkshire film locations, and you can purchase a hop-on, hop-off ticket to explore each of its stops. The railway still uses steam trains and has heritage attractions en route, including rail museums and Victorian-style rooms. The famous scene between Bobby and Mr Waterbury happens at Oakworth Station – where her father emerges from the steam and smoke, and she runs to greet him.

Other scenes in Haworth include the Bronte Parsonage Museum, which acts as the doctor’s house. Haworth Graveyard also features.

5. Victoria

Location: Harewood House and Castle Howard

Of all the films in Yorkshire, Victoria was filmed most widely across the county. You can find scenes from the ITV production everywhere, from Beverley Minster, Castle Howard, beautiful Harewood House, Newby Hall, and even Whitby Harbour. Of all these locations, though, we’d recommend Castle Howard, where Victoria was shown as a young girl and the State Floor of Harewood House – aka the fake Buckingham Palace. 

If you are looking for rainy-day film locations in Yorkshire, wandering these fancy houses is a brilliant option. 

6. Blood Origin

Location: Ilkley

Blood Origin is the prequel to The Witcher and was partly filmed in Ilkley on the beautiful Ilkley Moor. You can check out the filming location by the Cow and Calf Rocks, where you’ll find a vast quarry. The Cow and Calf pub is just a few minutes away on foot. This is an excellent spot for a drink in the beer garden outside, with pub grub and sunset views over Ilkley and the Wharfedale Valley.

7. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Location: Goathland Station

Speaking of Harry Potter filming locations in Yorkshire, Goathland Station is one of the most iconic ones to visit. Goathland Station was the Hogsmeade train station in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, including the scene where Hagrid waves goodbye to Harry at the end of the year. You can visit the station for free, which is a fully functional train station.

It is also worth visiting the North York Moors National Park for its waterfalls. You can check out our complete guide on the best waterfalls in the national park herewhich includes the beautiful Falling Foss waterfall and its adjoining tearoom – just a 20-minute drive away.

8. Downton Abbey

Location: Harewood House

Downton Abbey released a 2019 film showcasing locations around Yorkshire, including the spectacular Harewood House. Harewood House is located just outside Pool in Wharfedale and consists of a vast country house dating back to the 18th century. You can wander landscaped gardens, take interior tours, and let kids enjoy a miniature zoo and playground experience.

Downton Abbey used Harewood House as a royal residence in the film, and you’ll recognise its exterior and some of its interior. Fun fact: Harewood House is also where the classic soap Emmerdale is filmed, although this is in a model village enclosed elsewhere in the grounds.

9. Wuthering Heights

Location: East Riddlesden

The 2009 ITV adaptation of Wuthering Heights has many filming locations in Yorkshire. Of all these ‘Yorkshire films’, it is also one of the most classic. And at East Riddlesden Hall, you can see where Heathcliffe and Cathy grew up in the film. The outside and front entrance are the prominent film locations. The best way to access these is with a guided tour – despite the interior being non-related to the Wuthering Heights production. You can definitely get some dramatic shots of the driveway and pillared entrance.

If you are heading to see Wuthering Heights locations, stop at Haworth, which has the Bronte Parsonage Museum.

10. The Crown

Location: Bradford

Bradford might have previously been an unsung destination. Still, as the City of Culture winner for 2025 and one of the top Yorkshire film locations, it’s undoubtedly on the rise. Lots of filming in Yorkshire took place for the series The Crown. Much of this took place in Little Germany, a residential area of Bradford that was transformed into 1990s Russia for the episode depicting the Queen’s 1994 Russian tour.

Head to Little Germany and check out Canal Road, Valley Road, and Holdsworth Street. Remember to check out all the things to do in Bradford while you are there.

11. Dracula

Location: Whitby

We all know Bram Stoker’s novel, Dracula, was set in Whitby. But did you know that the latest BBC One drama ‘Dracula’ was also filmed in Whitby? The third episode is where you’ll spot the most scenes in Whitby, including the iconic Whitby Abbey.

Out of all the series and films in Yorkshire, Dracula is the one you should be most excited to see, as the novel used Whitby as a significant setting location. Unlike other Yorkshire films, this means that there’s a real tourism scene for Dracula in Whitby. It isn’t some hidden film locations – you can march straight up to the Whitby Abbey ruins and even take a guided Dracula tour.

There’s loads to do in Whitby, too, so check that out before you go and consider staying for a weekend break.

12. Darkest Hour

Location: Bramham Park

Bramham Park is another striking addition to the top filming locations in Yorkshire. Bramham Park wears many, many hats. It is a family home, which adds a nice touch when booking tours. It also hosts Bramham International Horse Trials, Leeds Fest, and regularly hosts Yorkshire film locations. The Darkest Hour was filmed here, and Bramham Park acted as ‘Downing Street’ for the film. 

You can visit Bramham Park to spot the film similarities and tour the gardens, house, and grounds. You’ll have to book by appointment (you can email or ring 01937 846000). Entrance costs £15 per person for the house or $8 for the garden and grounds. It is worth noting that house tours have a minimum group requirement of 10 people.

13. Official Secrets

Location: Roundhay Park

Roundhay Park is one of the most beautiful Yorkshire film locations. It is well-loved amongst Leeds residents, and its 700 acres have loads to offer. The location featured in Official Secrets is Waterloo Lake, where Ed Vulliamy meets with a member of the CIA. You can take a leisurely stroll around the park and compare the filming location to real life. It is worth bringing bird feed for the swans and heading into the boathouse for refreshments. 

14. The Secret Garden

Location: Allerton Castle

Who remembers the classic British film The Secret Garden? It is easily one of the top Yorkshire film locations, set in Allerton Castle (also featured in the Sherlock Holmes film The Sign of Four). The castle has 200 acres of mixed forest and moorland in a suitably gothic and desolate setting. It was used in the newest version of The Secret Garden, mainly for exterior shots of Misselthwaite Manor. And you can easily take a guided tour of Allerton Castle to admire it up close; it’s one of the best castles to visit in Yorkshire.

15. Dad’s Army

Location: Bridlington

Dad’s Army is a cult classic and a firm favourite for British sitcom lovers. The 2016 version of Dad’s Army heavily relied on Bridlington Old Town as one of its filming locations in Yorkshire. It featured as a wartime village, which is easy to believe with its independent shops and narrow streets. Bridlington is a little off the usual tourist path, so you’ll have a really authentic experience of a Yorkshire film location. The seaside town is an excellent hit in summer when people are usually busy debating between Whitby and Scarborough.

16. Testament of Youths

Location: City Varieties Music Hall

Testament of Youth is a memoir-inspired film based around Vera Brittain, a nurse and activist in WWI. The 2014 movie was a fair hit amongst critics and, most importantly, has several Yorkshire filming locations. These locations include scenes shot in Leeds City Varieties Music Hall – a massive hit with producers thanks to its ornate red seats and elaborate décor. It is an absolute blast from the past and a joy to visit as a Testament of Youth filming location or in its own right.

17. All Creatures Great and Small

Location: Grassington

All Creatures Great and Small is a four-season series filmed in 2020 and based on the novels by James Herriot. Filming in Yorkshire doesn’t get more iconic than this, as the entire series is about a vet’s career in North Yorkshire. There are many filming locations for All Creatures Great and Small, including Grassington.

Grassington serves as the fictional town of Darrowby, with specific landmarks like The Devonshire Inn, which is The Drovers Arms pub. But if you have time, consider visiting Broughton Hall in Skipton, aka Mrs Pumphrey’s home.


18. Swallows and Amazons

Location: Plumpton Rocks

Swallows and Amazons is a wholesome book about children’s adventures. And the film adaptation in 2016 stayed really faithful to Arthur Ransome’s portrayal of the novel. The part of the island where the Amazonian girls lived was filmed in Plumpton Rocks, just outside of Knaresborough in North Yorkshire. It is a beautiful spot and one of the prettiest Yorkshire walks. The Swallows and Amazons filming location is where to pick if you fancy a day in the woods amongst striking rock features.

19. Mansfield Park

Location: Newby Hall

If you know your films in Yorkshire and Jane Austen adaptations, you’ll know Mansfield Park. The 1999 adaptation follows the life of Fanny Price, who is carted off to live with wealthy relatives and proceeds with a typically Austen bildungsroman style. However, in 2007, a TV adaptation was created, using Newby Hall as the chosen primary location. 

The Grade I listed building is stunning and open to visitors. It is easy to embrace your inner Austen at this filming location in Yorkshire, and the 18th-century country house is conveniently located just outside of Ripon in North Yorkshire.

20. Say Your Prayers

 Location: Ilkley

Say Your Prayers is a dark comedy about evangelical radicalists murdering a secularist at a literary festival. The comedy is set in the small town of Ilkley (which we have tons of content on here). You’ll see the classic Cow and Calf Rocks on Ilkley Moor, plus town centre scenes of Otley and the Alexandra Pub in Harrogate. It is a funny watch, and if you are staying in Yorkshire, it is a must because of all the Yorkshire filming locations.

21. Bridgerton

Location: Castle Howard

Any Netflix lovers will remember Bridgerton, especially Gen Z readers. The series took the world by storm in 2020 and 2021, and it was in episode 6 of season 1 that Bridgerton used filming locations in Yorkshire. Castle Howard was used as Clyvedon Castle in this episode, and you’ll recognise the exterior and some of the interior from its scenes. In particular, keep an eye out for the dramatic front entrance, walled garden, and the Archbishop’s Bedroom, where Daphne learns why the Duke doesn’t want children.

Castle Howard is always a stunning day out. If you want rainy-day activities in Yorkshire, choose this film location.

22. Jay’s Yorkshire Workshop

Location: Bradford

Jay’s Yorkshire Workshop is one of the most Yorkshire of our Yorkshire films and series. But where is Jay’s Yorkshire Workshop actually set? The series was filmed in Bradford and moved to Bradford only recently, around 2021, previously in Sussex. The workshop is in Bradford’s historic Little Germany neighbourhood, locked away from the public eye in a warehouse on Cater Street.

As much as we hate breaking it to you, you can’t visit. However, it is still worth visiting Cater Street and Bradford’s Little Germany, which is used frequently as a Yorkshire film location, including for the series The Crown.

23. Heartbeat

Location: Goathland

Heartbeat was a TV series in the 90s based on a set of novels by Nicholas Rhea. And where was Heartbeat filmed in Yorkshire? Goathland, meaning it is exceptionally well combined with a visit to the Harry Potter location at Goathland Station. Goathland is a moorland village in East Yorkshire, just on the edge of the North York Moors National Park. As a tiny village, it will take you only a short time to spot all the filming locations. These include The Goathland Hotel, Scripps, and the Goathland Railway Station.

24. Ridley

Location: Todmorden

Ridley is a much-loved crime series that includes many Yorkshire film locations. It captures that bleak aesthetic with windswept and unhospitable-looking shots and settings that are perfect for a crime drama. So, where is Ridley filmed in Yorkshire? All over, really. A lot was filmed along the Lancashire and Yorkshire border, especially at the Todmorden Wind Farm and along its canal.

If you want things to do in Yorkshire in October or November, just head to the Todmorden Wind Farm for an insight into Ridley’s gloomy crime series aesthetic.

25. This is England

Location: Sheffield

Most people have heard of This is England, no matter your opinion of the early 2000s coming-of-age film. The film was heavily filmed in Gleadless Valley, Sheffield. And if you want to see some Sheffield film locations, just head to Ironside Road and Blackstock Road. There are also more Sheffield filming locations as part of its spin-off Channel 4 series, This is England ’86. For this, you can head to Sipelia Works – where the Arctic Monkeys also filmed part of their music video, When The Sun Goes Down.

26. Yorkshire Vet

Location: Thirsk

Anyone who loves animals and TV has likely seen the Yorkshire Vet. So, where is Yorkshire vet filmed? Thirsk. Thirsk is a little market town in North Yorkshire, best known for its races. You’ll see loads of the surrounding area while watching Yorkshire Vet, as the vets travel on call to neighbouring farms and private properties, not just filming in the vet clinic. It is a popular addition to the top series and films in Yorkshire.

While you are there, check out the World of James Herriot – the author of All Creatures Great and Small. The museum is set in his old home and surgery.

27. A Very Yorkshire Christmas

Location: Knaresborough

We can’t speak much for the quality of A Very Yorkshire Christmas, but if cliché and cheesy Christmas films are your thing, you’ll lap it up. We can answer the question of where is A Very Yorkshire Christmas filmed, though, and that’s the beautiful market town of Knaresborough in North Yorkshire. You’ll see Knaresborough Castle and the town centre in the film and the neighbouring town of Pickering.

A Very Yorkshire Christmas is easily one of the most ‘Yorkshire films’ you could choose to watch and visit its film locations. Knaresborough and Pickering are stunning, too, and not somewhere tourists necessarily twig to visit on flying visits to Yorkshire. 

To Conclude: Top Filming Locations in Yorkshire

Feeling excited about all these filming locations in Yorkshire? You absolutely should be. Yorkshire film locations are chosen for a reason, and that’s because the county has some of the most atmospheric scenes in the UK. Tick off as many as you can. And if you are based outside Yorkshire, consider treating yourself to a weekend break. Most Yorkshire film locations are accessible by public transport, making it a hassle-free and sustainable getaway. What more could you want?

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